Kololi Beach – Weather

The weather in Kololi Beach is sub-tropical, which means you can expect two distinct seasons and lots of warm sunshine throughout the year. There’s not much difference in temperature from season to season, so you can look forward to high temperatures no matter when you choose to visit.

The wet season lasts from July to October with temperatures reaching up to 35°C and above. The heat is paired with high humidity levels, which can make the weather in Kololi Beach feel a little balmy. Short showers are scattered across the season and often fall in the form of a heavy rainstorm. You’ll need a waterproof coat for the summer and don’t forget to wear suncream to protect against high UV levels.

The rainy season comes to an end in October, which enjoys an average high of 32°C and up to eight hours of sunshine per day. It’s still humid and the evenings are very warm through autumn and winter. Kololi Beach weather is much drier between November and June and you look forward to enjoying the warm sunshine on the beach with mild sea waters. Winter is enjoyable with temperatures reaching highs of 31°C in December with an average of ten hours of sunlight a day.

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