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Brufut Heights weather is mostly hot and sunny with two distinctive seasons like most regions in West Africa. Winter is one of the best seasons to visit the village of Brufut Heights, which sees northeast winds blowing warm temperatures to the region in January. The daily average is around 27°C with scorching highs of 31°C at midday. The dry season begins in November and ends in May, bringing warm temperatures with less humidity and rainfall. Enjoy the winter sun for ten hours per day and feel refreshed near the coast with an average wind speed of 12mph.

Temperatures rise to 32°C in March with a cooling Atlantic breeze bringing temperatures down to 21°C at night. The sun sets at around 7.30pm each day, giving you 11 hours of daylight throughout spring. Rainfall is scarce and the weather in Brufut Heights is mostly dry until early June when the wet season starts.

Temperatures in Brufut Heights are still very high in the wet season, with daily highs rising above 32°C in August. Thunderstorms are more likely in the summer, with an average monthly rainfall of 348mm. The rain begins to fade towards autumn, with just 11mm of rainfall spread over two days in November. The average temperature is 33°C with lows of 28°C, so make sure to pack sun cream and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day no matter when you visit.

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