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Bijilo weather is very hot year-round due to its location in The Gambia. There are two seasons with different rainfall patterns and very high temperatures. The dry season stretches from November to May with a scorching average temperature of 28°C. It’s considered the best time to visit Bijilo because the weather is mild and there isn’t much rain.

North-easterly winds help keep rainfall low in winter, bringing drier weather to the region in January and much of spring. The sun shines for at least ten hours per day throughout winter with around 13 hours of pure daylight.

The Atlantic Sea remains warm enough to swim in for most of the year and is around 21°C from December to February. Humidity levels are low at just 45%, which is a welcomed change to the damp, humid conditions during the summer.

The wet season begins in June, with the most rain falling throughout August. Temperatures in Bijilo are higher in the summer and often rise above 32°C on an especially hot day. Evenings are very warm and humidity levels are high, making the damp air feel balmy at times.

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