Things to do in Banjul Beach

You can be as adventurous as you like, as there are plenty of things to do in the vibrant capital of The Gambia. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the town’s iconic markets, explore the protected parks and see the monkeys and the wildlife in Abuko Nature Reserve. Relax by sightseeing or spend lazy afternoons lounging on the stunning shores of Banjul Beach.

1. Gambia National Museum In Banjul

Located on Independence Drive, where other museums and attractions can be found, is the Gambia National Museum where you can discover the country’s contribution to the whole of Africa and the rest of the world.
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2. Bijilo Forest Park Gambia

Discover the Gambian wildlife in Bijilo Forest Park just half an hour drive from the centre of Banjul Beach. The reserve is often known as the country’s monkey park as it is home to a vast array of monkey species.
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3. Albert Market Gambia

For an activity away from the beach, head inland to the iconic Albert Market where you can immerse yourself in The Gambia’s vibrant culture. Be apart of the hustle and bustle by visiting the capital’s main market to explore the maze of stalls and shops.
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4. Abuko Nature Reserve Gambia

Just a half an hour drive from Banjul Beach is the Abuko Nature Reserve where you can experience a wide range of rare wildlife. The wildlife park is quite small compared to others in the region but it’s buzzing with animal activity.
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