Things to do in Egypt

Think of Egypt and images of sand-covered tombs, towering Giza pyramids, and the iconic Sphinx come to mind. From ancient sights to souks, Red Sea diving and desert safaris, Egypt offers some of the most spectacular sights and one-of-kind experiences found anywhere on the planet. Here’s just some of the best things to do in Egypt. Put as many on your To Do list as possible!

Visit the Cairo’s ancient sites

 A visit to Egypt’s awe-inspiring historical sites are an unforgettable highlight of any trip here. Just a short 30-minute trip from Cairo, you can marvel at the last remaining ancient wonders of the world at the Pyramids of Giza, or take a selfie at the feet of the famous Sphinx.

Cruise along the great Nile

 In-the-know travellers know the best way to visit Egypt’s tombs and temples is with a cruise along the mighty River Nile. Sail down the world’s longest river and explore Egypt’s sights at the same time. Many cruises begin at the breathtakingly beautiful Luxor, where the two enormous seated figures of Ramses II greet you at the Temple of Luxor’s entrance and Karnak’s perfectly carved hieroglyphics and obelisks completely live up to their hype. You’ll take in the Valley of the Kings, where Tutankhamen was unearthed, as well Edfu, Kom Ombo, and the spectacular Abu Simbel. A Nile cruise often ends at Aswan, where the sunrise will leave you dumbstruck.

Marvel at the natural landscape

 Once you’ve seen Egypt’s man-made wonders, you’ll think nothing can compare to their ability to make your jaw drop. That is until you’ve seen what Mother Nature’s created here! Stretches of sandy beaches, Siwa Oasis’ hot springs, offshore coral reefs that are ideal for diving or a sun rise in one of the vast deserts, there are plenty of things to do in Egypt that take in the country’s natural beauty.

Shop for souvenirs in the souks

 Enjoy your free time and stroll through the maze of narrow alleys to find a unique souvenir to take home. You’ll find souks, or street markets, are open from early morning to sunset, and have everything from jewellery to miniature pyramids.

Step back in time at Egypt’s museums

Talk a walk around the Egyptian Museum and see one of the world’s most important collections of ancient artefacts. From mummies to Tutankhamun’s iconic death mask, it’s a real adventure through time the whole family will enjoy. It’s well worth visiting one of the many other museums in Egypt too, like the Egypt Papyrus Museum and Solar Boat Museum.

Explore two religions

Once you’ve visited all ancient Egypt has to offer, stroll around some of the most important medieval sites of Islam and Coptic Christianity. Take a tour around one of the many Coptic sites, some are at least 1600 years old and still used as convents, churches and monasteries. The historic Monastery of St Anthony, Hanging Church and Coptic Museum are all worth a visit. Discover some of Islam’s oldest and most beautiful architecture too, like the Ibn Tulun, Al-Mu’ayyad Shaykh, Al-Azhar, Al-Hakim, and Al-Aqmar mosques.

2. Senzo Mall Egypt

Get your retail therapy fix at the fabulous Senzo Mall; the largest shopping complex of its kind in the Red Sea Riviera. Escape the midday heat and browse the extensive fashion and homeware stores.
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3. Makadi Water World Egypt

Enjoy family fun at Egypt's largest water park, Makadi Water World, in the heart of the Red Sea Riviera. Choose from 50 different rides, including an adrenaline-fuelled 19m free-fall slide
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6. Diving In El Gouna Egypt

El Gouna is one of the best resorts in the country for snorkelling and scuba diving, so take the unique opportunity to explore a breathtakingly beautiful underwater world.
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7. Day Trip To Luxor Egypt

It would be a shame to travel all the way to Hurghada and not make a day trip to the ancient city of Luxor whilst you’re there. It’s just a four hour drive from Hurghada, which makes it such a popular excursion for holidaymakers.
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8. Explore The Pyramids Egypt

What’s great about Hurghada holidays is that you’re surrounded by golden sandy beaches; excellent bars, restaurants and shops; and some of the best marine life in the world. But it also serves as an ideal location to base yourself
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9. Learn to scuba dive in the Red Sea

There are many reasons why the Red Sea is right up there as one of the best diving spots in the whole world. Think professional instructors; clear, calm and warm waters; and some of the most vibrant and colourful marine life that you could ever wish to set your eyes upon.
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12. Soho Square Egypt

Think bright lights, international restaurants, great shops and exhilarating shows and you’ll get a sense of what to expect at this exciting and upmarket entertainment district.
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