Sharm El Sheikh – Weather

If you’re looking for a year-round holiday destination boasting tons of warm sunshine and scorching temperatures, Sharm El Sheikh is perfect. Summers are extremely hot and dry, with very high temperatures that some travellers may find to be a bit too much. The hot weather soars in July and August, with a daily average of 33°C and scorching highs of 37°C. UV levels are very high, so a high factor suncream is a must. You should also try to stay out of the sun from midday to around 3pm, which is when the sun is at its strongest. There’s about 13 hours of sunlight per day with warm sea temperatures reaching 25°C to 29°C.

Sharm El Sheikh weather is slightly more comfortable in autumn and spring, which is the best time to visit for warm weather that isn’t too hot. In March, temperatures are around 25°C in the day and 13°C at night, which offers a refreshing break from the heat. The weather in Sharm El Sheikh offers similar temperatures with a daily average of 27°C in October and 23°C in November.

Temperatures in Sharm El Sheikh remain mild in winter with a daily average of 19°C in December and February. January has the coldest weather of the year, but it’s still warm with average temperatures of 18°C during the daytime. Rainfall is very low throughout the year, so you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain during your visit.

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