Sharks Bay travel guide


Temperature: Average of 33°C in summer. Winter temperatures are more mild with temperatures of 23°C in November being the high and 18°C in January and February being the low.

Best time to visit: Many visitors prefer the more comfortable temperatures around spring.

The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt experiences very long, hot summers, that can stay in the high 20s and early 30s (°C) for over six months. The temperature peaks in July and August, often reaching the high 30s.

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Divers: Sharks Bay offers some of the best diving in the world, and is one of the best starting points on the Red Sea coast for excursions.

Adventurers: Whether you prefer diving in Jackson Reef or riding a camel across the desert, Sharks Bay is bursting with adventures.

Couples: Quieter than its neighbouring resorts, Sharks Bay is ideal for couples with its world-class diving, beaches and day trip opportunities.


Language: The language spoken in Sharks Bay is Arabic

Currency: The currency used in Sharks Bay is the Egyptian pound

Local time: Sharks Bay is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time

Fly to: Sharm el Sheikh International Airport. It's just a 20-minute transfer to Sharks Bay

Flight time from UK: The flight time to Sharks Bay is 5.5 hours

Tourist Information: Further Sharks Bay tourist information can be found at

Visa / Health: Before you travel, visit for recommendations and advice on visas and health for your holiday to Sharks Bay.


By mini buses: Mini buses run all over Sharm El Sheikh and Sharks Bay, and are a cheap and easy way of getting around. The buses do not operate on a set route, instead provide a hop on/hop off service.

By taxis: There are numerous taxi ranks around Sharks Bay and Sharm El Sheikh. They are affordable and efficient, although prices can vary so it’s a good idea to negotiate the fare first.

By bus: If you’re planning an excursion further afield, buses are a good way to get around. Tickets are cheap and the routes link Sharks Bay to Sharm El Sheikh and other resorts and cities in the region.


Yoga festival: The Egypt International Yoga Festival takes place down the road in Sharm El Sheikh for a week in April. The festival provides classes for beginners and workshops for enthusiastic yogis, taught by experienced practitioners using a variety of forms of yoga.

Camel festival: An exciting annual event in the region is the South Sinai Camel Festival. Taking place in January in Sharm El Sheikh, the festival features camel racing in keeping with Egypt’s old desert traditions, and shows just how shockingly fast camels can move.