Boasting year-round sunshine and situated on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is the most popular resort in the whole of Egypt. It has everything you could possibly wish for in either a summer or winter holiday. Hot, sunny weather? Check. Great beaches? Check. Plenty of history and culture? Double check.

The colourful Red Sea

One of the many things that draw visitors to this part of the world is the captivating Red Sea that surrounds the resort. Its waters are warm all year round, meaning that you can always take a dip and enjoy some snorkelling in the reefs close to shore. For the more adventurous among you, Sharm El Sheikh provides the perfect opportunity to try your hand at scuba diving too. It has one of the best coral reefs in the world and an abundance of colourful, tropical fish to swim with.

The resort itself

Sharm El Sheikh provides such a great holiday atmosphere for all to enjoy. Its huge selection of luxury hotels will make it almost impossible to want to leave the poolside. But there’s so much more to explore around you. Each hotel along the coast is likely to have its own stretch of private beach. Then further inland, you’ll find excellent shops, designer boutiques, traditional markets and nightlife like no other.

The perfect base

The great thing about Sharm El Sheikh holidays is that you don’t have to just stick to the resort itself. In fact, the resort provides the perfect base to explore other areas of the country too. No holiday to Egypt would be complete without a trip to the historical city of Cairo. Gaze in awe at the iconic Pyramid of Giza, take a selfie with the Sphinx and delve into the country’s ancient past at the world famous Egyptian Museum.