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Key Facts


Flight Time
Saidi Arabic
GMT +2
Egyptian Pound (E£)
5 Hours


When’s the best time to go?

Known as the ‘Capital of the Red Sea’, it’s hard to believe that this luxurious holiday destination was once little more than a fishing village. This great location is perfect if you enjoy a slice of the high life. Families will find plenty to keep children entertained, with most hotels having their own waterparks or private beaches. Couples can enjoy a spectacular array of restaurants, clubs and bars and some excellent shopping.

If you want to see some of Egypt’s most famous attractions, you’ll find that the resort is within easy reach of some of the best, including Cairo, the Sphinx, and the Pyramids of Giza. However, choosing the best time to go can be tough, so we’ve put together some Hurghada travel advice to make things easier.

The temperature rarely drops below 20°C, even at night, making Hurghada holidays perfect at any time of year. To make the most of the sunshine, book your break between June and September when temperatures climb into the low 30s°C, and you can expect around 13 hours of sun each day. The area doesn’t have a rainy season, so it’s really down to how hot you like it. For coolersightseeing conditions, spring and autumn are milder, but still very warm.

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What do I need to pack?

With the ‘Capital of the Red Sea’ sitting on the edge of the Sahara Desert, you can expect the sun to be strong, so be sure to take plenty of sunscreen on your holiday to Hurghada. Unlike other tropical climates, there’s little or no humidity, so cool and airy clothes made from natural fibres like cotton, linen or bamboo are perfect.

Egypt is a conservative country, so it’s advisable for women to cover up once they’re away from the beach. Pack long dresses, long-sleeved shirts and, if you’re thinking of visiting any religious sites, a headscarf is also a good idea. Similarly, men ought to pack some trousers as, even in modern cities like Cairo, too much flesh can cause unintended offence.

For those who want to bring gadgets with them, a plug adaptor is essential, and it can be helpful to have a portable power pack to hand.

Passports and visas

Do I need a passport?

Hurghada passport regulations require British citizens to present valid passports on entry. For further information on passport requirements, visit: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/egypt/entry-requirements

Do I need a visa?

You’ll need a Hurghada visa to enjoy a holiday here. While it’s possible to buy one on arrival, it’s advisable to get one in advance. Visas can be bought online. To find out more about visas and where to get them, head to: https://www.visa2egypt.gov.eg/eVisa/Home?VISTK=B2OW-6CU8-DELJ-7GRK-8Y4B-G0YP-ZZJZ-IYW7-THBQ-PNB8-RSL8-DL4N-HY08-55LL-6U5F-235R

Health and Safety

Should I get travel health insurance?

To protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances on your holiday to Hurghada, it’s advisable to have comprehensive travel health insurance. A good policy will pay for medicines, medical treatment and even the cost of returning to the UK if it’s necessary. It’s worth looking over your existing policy to see what is and isn’t covered, including sports like scuba diving.

Any other tips?

  • To minimise the risk of an upset stomach, be sure to only drink bottled water. Similarly, avoid salads that have been washed in tap water, and fruits that have been unpeeled and washed.
  • Only use the orange taxis for getting around and be sure to agree on the price and the currency you’ll be paying in before you travel.
  • Tipping is part of the service industry, so factor in around 10% to the price of meals. Tip waiters directly when possible, ensuring that they receive the money as opposed to it going to the restaurant. Maids, drivers and hotel porters are worth tipping, as they’ll provide you with the best service.
  • Be prepared to haggle in markets. Vendors will start high and you should aim to bargain to a price you think is reasonable. However, only haggle if you have an intention to buy; time-wasters are not popular.