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The weather in Paphos is typically Mediterranean with very hot summers and mild winters. Summer arrives in June, bringing temperatures of 23°C that continue to rise to 25°C in July and 26°C in August. The skies are generally clear for most of the season and humidity levels are relatively low and comfortable. If you’re near the coast enjoying the 27°C seawater, you’ll also notice a cooling breeze blowing in from the Mediterranean Sea. Paphos weather is very sunny in the summer with up to 14 hours of bright sunshine per day.

For cooler weather in Paphos, visit in autumn. The weather is still warm and sunny but it isn’t as hot, which is perfect if you aren’t used to the scorching hot temperatures. The daily average is around 22°C with lows of 16°C.

Rainfall picks up in November, which has 66mm over the month that rises to 94mm in December. Temperatures in Paphos in winter is relatively mild and range from 8°C to 19°C. The coldest month of the year is in January, but the average temperatures are very comfortable 13°C. Things begin to improve in spring, which is warm and sunny with very little rainfall. The Troodos Mountains provide additional shelter from cold winds, helping to keep weather conditions dry and pleasant all year round.

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