Paphos Archaeological Park Cyprus

Perhaps the most iconic of Paphos’ landmarks, the medieval Paphos castle stands tall and proud in the heart of the harbour. Aside from playing host to large cultural events, the castle is visited by hundreds of tourists who are eager to learn the history behind its existence.

The ancient Byzantine fortress dates back to Roman times and has been rebuilt a number of times since an earthquake destroyed it back in the year 1222. You can’t go to Paphos without visiting the castle in order to get the best views of the whole marina from the top, so don’t forget your camera.

After seeing the castle, take the short walk back towards town and enter the incredible Paphos Archaeological Park. There is a small fee to go inside, but what lies beyond is worth every penny.

The site contains the ruins of villas, mosaics, monuments, an amphitheatre and much more that dates back to prehistoric times. It’s a huge area to explore, so allow a few hours and be sure to take sun cream and plenty of water. Although there is somewhere inside to buy more should you need it.