Larnaca Lion
Larnaca Marina
Larnaca Mosque
Larnaca Beach
Larnaca Beetle
Larnaca Cafe
Larnaca Castle
Larnaca Europe Square
Larnaca Lazarus
Larnaca Lazarus Church
Larnaca Temple
Larnaca Umbrellas
Larnaca Port
Larnaca Salt Lakes
Larnaca Sultan
Larnaca Sunset

Browse through the gallery of Larnaca images above and see just what a beautiful resort this historical city is. Marvel at the stunning architecture and imagine walking the streets and seeing it for yourself. The photos show the perfect blend of culture and beach life that makes Larnaca such a great place to go on holiday. These photos will surely make you want to hop on the next plane to Cyprus. Then maybe you can show your own photos with us when you return.