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Rovinj is a popular and vibrant city in Croatia that enjoys a lovely Mediterranean climate with sunny weather lasting all year round. The summer months start in June and end in September with temperatures in Rovinj ranging from the mid-20s to highs of 30°C. There are around ten hours of sun per day with warm sea temperatures that make for perfect swimming conditions.

The annual rainfall average is around 941mm spread over the year. Most of the rain falls over the colder months with around 12 rainy days in January and up to 76mm of rain.

Rovinj weather in winter can be quite cold but it’s not a bad time to visit if you aren’t used to the heat of summer and want to enjoy a quieter time on holiday. The daily average is around 8°C with cold nightly lows of just 5°C. You’ll have nine hours of sunlight per day in winter, but cloud cover is likely so you might get less sunshine than expected. The weather in Rovinj warms up in spring, which enjoys temperatures ranging from 16°C to 21°C. Autumn weather is similar to spring, with a warm climate and plenty of sunshine. October has an average temperature of 19°C that gradually lowers to 13°C in November.

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