Brac Island – Weather

Brac Island enjoys long, hot and dry summers with an average high of 30°C. The stunning Croatian island is located in the Adriatic Sea, which warms up in the summer and is perfect for a relaxing swim. Winters are mild but spring and autumn are the best times of year for exploring the island’s attractions, with temperatures staying in the mid-teens.

Summers are long and hot, with temperatures in Brac Island peaking at 30°C in July and August. You’ll need to be careful out in the sun, which has high UV levels in summer so make sure to pack lots of sun cream for your holiday.

Brac Island weather is mild and enjoyable in spring and autumn, with temperatures reaching 20°C on a good day. It’s a quiet time to visit the island, which makes it perfect for a quiet and peaceful getaway. May is the warmest month in spring and has a daily average of 21°C that continues to rise towards summer.

The weather in Brac Island in winter is generally mild with a few showers spread over the season. Temperatures can drop as low as 7°C at night though, so it’s chilly in the evening but it gets slightly warmer again during the day. Rainfall is around 178mm per month with up to seven hours of sunshine per day.

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