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How we determine our sort order?

As a traveler shopping on our site, you have many options to help you find the perfect hotel, flight.

The Sort settings at the top of the page allow you to order search results to your preference, such as price, verified review score, and other criteria.

In addition, the Filter settings allow you to include or exclude various options to suit your travel needs.

If you select no specific Sort option, by default we will show you a range of relevant options in the search results, based on the following criteria:


Our default sort order reflects the relevance of properties to your search criteria, as we want to make sure you are able to quickly and easily find the offer that is right for you.

We measure relevance by taking into account factors such as: a property's location, its review scores, the popularity of the property (measured by how many travelers on our sites make bookings at that property), the quality of the content provided by the property, and the competitiveness of the property's rates and availability – all of which are relative to other properties meeting your chosen search criteria.

The compensation which a property pays us for bookings made through our sites is also a factor for the relative ranking of properties with similar offers, based on the relevance factors described above.

On our non-default sorts (for example, if you sort by price or by star rating), we will order properties with similar results based on the factors above.


Our default sort order is based on lowest price. In cases where 2 flights have the same price, the shorter flight is listed first.

Vacation Packages

When combining several different travel products into a vacation package, we use the criteria outlined above for the individual package components to determine the sort order for each product.

Additionally, we continually optimize our service to provide you the best experience. Accordingly, we may test different default sort order algorithms from time to time.