Nightlife in Rome: Where to Go

Pubs and wine bars in Rome get going at around 10pm, so start your evening by heading to Enoteca Carso. A wine bar that has served the Prati district since 1927, this establishment attracts a wide segment of Italian society, so it’s not unusual to see lawyers and mechanics enjoying a nice glass of Chianti together with a plate of cheese and cold cuts.

If you prefer beer over wine, make L’Oasi della Birra your first stop of the night. Translating as ‘The Beer Oasis’, their extensive selection of craft brews will be heaven on earth if you love trying different beers. If you’re torn on whether to go to a wine or beer bar, a visit here will make for a nice compromise as their wine cellar is almost as impressive as the beer collection.

If you’re looking for a stylish lounge, head to the Gin Corner and order a delicious cocktail. As you might guess, gin is the drink of choice here, and they serve up stunning martinis. Don’t miss their Negroni as well, as their house recipe is also sublime.

Head to Akab when the time comes to hit the dance floor. Regarded as one of the trendiest nightclubs in Rome, entry and drinks aren’t cheap. They attract plenty of world class DJs though, making it the ideal place to dance the night away in style.

If you’re after a gay-friendly club, Qube should be at the top of your list. Friday nights are known for the famous Muccassassina show, which has been the club’s biggest draw over the past 20 years.