Prague by Night

Music is a big part of Prague’s nightlife, and the Rudolfinum is one of the city’s best known venues. This historic building is the home of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. There are classical concerts all year round and it’s a great place to hear music from Czech composers, especially during the Spring Music Festival.

If you’re more of a jazz fan, then try the Jazz Dock. This modern glass-walled building on the banks of the Vltava River is especially beautiful lit up at night. It has performances from local and international jazz musicians, and a good selection of whiskies and cocktails to sip on.

If you’re looking for a traditional Czech night out on the beer, you’ll find it at Husova’s U Zlateho Tygra, or House of the Golden Tiger. This pub dates all the way back to 1429 and the locals love it for its no-frills atmosphere and perfectly poured pilsner.

You might not know it but the Czech Republic also produces some great wines. The Monarch Wine Bar tasting room is a good place to try them out. Their giant cellar holds hundreds of local wines as well as a few international ones and you can buy them to take away.

If you fancy something different, Michalská’s AnonymouS Bar is a theme bar inspired by the film V for Vendetta. You’ll find Guy Fawkes masks, a film set interior and the occasional magic trick, with the drinks also part of the experience as the bartenders put a quirky twist on classic cocktails.

Finish your night on the dance floor at the KU Bar and Lounge, which also has a laid back terrace that’s perfect for a sunny afternoon. As the evening goes on DJs play house and R&B tracks, and you can even order drinks without moving from your seat using the built in tablets on each table.