Top Budget Meals in Prague

In Prague, lunch can be a bargain as many restaurants do special deals. You can get a three course set menu at Hvězdova’s Aureole, a stylish fusion restaurant with some of the best views in the city from 27 floors up.

Náměstí Míru’s Aromi is a highly rated Italian seafood restaurant which offers two and three course deals at lunchtime. The menu changes every day but they always have two choices, and you can expect things like seafood risotto or baked sea bream.

If you love meat then head to Dlouhá’s Nase Maso. This popular butcher’s shop sells top quality Czech meat without a high price tag. You can get you selection cooked there and then take it away, or grab one of their tables and eat in. They do great burgers, sausages, meatloaf and pork belly, and there are ‘pour your own beer’ taps to keep you going when the queues get long.

A Czech fast food favourite is chlebicek, which are open sandwiches that come with different toppings so you can try out lots of flavours at once. Dlouhá’s Sisters Bistro does some of the tastiest and most delicate chlebicek in town, don’t miss their ham and potato ones.

Bohemia Bagel is a popular small chain that brings a taste of America to Prague. You can have a good value breakfast with bagels, pancakes and eggs, as well as soups, salads and burgers during the rest of the day.

Vietnamese food is really popular in Prague, and the city’s pho shops make for a great value tasty dinner. Anglická’s Pho Vietnam Tuan & Lan does a deliciously fragrant beef broth with noodles as well as other Vietnamese dishes like nem ran (crispy spring rolls). You can also get great cheap street food, Vietnamese coffee and beer at the city’s Sapa Market.