Prague is best for...

Farmer's markets Náplavka sits along the Vltava River, while Jiřák can be found in the Vinohrady neighborhood

Traditional pub food: Find the best Czech classics such as pork and sauerkraut, bread dumplings and beef stew in local hospodas

Hearty lunches Considered to be the most important meal of the day, restaurants offer good lunch deals and daily specials

Fast facts

Language: The language spoken in Prague is Czech

Currency: The currency used in Prague is the Czech Crown. Euros are also accepted.

Local time: Prague is 1 hour ahead of GMT/UK time

Fly to: Prague's main airport is Václav Havel Airport Prague

The Czech Republic is famous for its beer, but its food is a bit more of a hidden gem. The local cuisine mixes up influences from Austria, Hungary, Poland and Germany, so you’ll find things like goulash, sauerkraut and strudel on the menu. When the country was ruled by the communists, fresh ingredients were hard to find and most meals were made up of pork, cabbage and dumplings. You can still find these traditional meals on the menu but now they use great fresh local ingredients. The Czech food scene’s on the up, with new and exciting restaurants opening in Prague all the time.