From Seafood to Socca: Must-Try Street Food in Nice

Nice has a wonderful street food scene, which complements the lovely restaurants. Some eateries can be expensive, so tucking into some street food can be great way to eat with style while sticking to your budget.

One of the most common dishes found on the streets of Nice is socca. A savoury chickpea pancake that’s seasoned with rosemary, sea salt and pepper, grabbing one of these on the go is a great way to keep your energy up as you explore the city.

Pissaladière is another food that’s commonly found at the street stalls. Consisting of dough slightly thicker than pizza, the tart is topped with caramelised onions, garlic and anchovies, it’s a cheap yet flavourful bite.

It may not be a unique dish, but the pizza in Nice is different from what you’ll find in the rest of France. For a start, Nice’s proximity to Italy means the chefs know what they’re doing. Secondly, they use Cantal or Emmental cheese instead of mozzarella, so your pizza will taste quite different from normal.

If you have a sweet tooth, Nice has plenty to offer for dessert. In public squares, you’ll often find vendors with mobile grills serving up tasty crepes. Smearing thin batter over a hot surface, the thin pancakes are nice and quick to make, and you can choose from a variety of syrups and toppings to fill it up with.

There are also a lot of great gelato sellers that can be found across town. Made with pure milk instead of cream, gelato has a more intense flavour than ice cream. For some of the best scoops in Nice, try Arlequin Gelati, where you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to go for.