New York is best for...

American classics: Grab a slice of pizza, get your fork into a New York cheesecake or lather some cream cheese over a bagel

Sweet snacks: From the traditional doughnut to cupcakes, New York is the perfect holiday destination if you have a sweet tooth

A range of cuisines: New York is blessed with having many different restaurants, so you can delve into Mexican, Japanese, Italian and even more

Fast facts

Language: The language spoken in New York is English

Currency: The currency used in New York is the Dollar

Local time: New York is 5 hours behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: New York's main airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark International Airport

The New York food scene is as varied and exciting as its skyline and streets. With so many districts and neighbourhoods, it can be like wandering between cross-sections of different cities, all woven together by streets and avenues. New York is the alleged birthplace of a number of iconic dishes. Whether or not it’s true really doesn’t matter. Be sure to give the taste-bud test to some American greats such as Eggs Benedict, pastrami on rye, bagels with cream cheese, and slices of pizza.

If you like Chinese food, the best restaurants in New York will be found in Chinatown. Head to Columbus Park for an authentic slice of Chinese life, with the sound of strumming lutes and traditional folk songs, while older members of the community battle it out with games of mah-jong over a steaming mug of green tea. The nearby streets are perfumed with the smell of drying duck, herbs and spices, and you’ll find many of the restaurants serving Chinese food tucked off the beaten-track. The Peking Duck served at the eponymous Peking Duck House is widely-hailed as some of the best in the city.

For iconic American dishes, look out for Peter Luger Steakhouse, where you can enjoy the classic New York strip steak, served in a mix of its own juices and indulgent, melted butter. Alternatively, then head to Midtown for the places to eat pizza in the city. Di Fara Pizza is justly famous for its wood-fired pizzas, topped with fresh herbs, mozzarella, a variety of meats, and a secret tomato sauce.

However, not all the best restaurants in New York have four walls and seating; some of the best food is served up by street vendors. Arepa Lady, on Roosevelt Street, is home to griddled corn cakes smothered in spicy queso sauce, while the Cinnamon Snail truck pops up around the city serving delicious donuts and sweet flaky pastries. The Korilla BBQ truck is also worth hunting out, for a taste of taste-bud-tingling Korean BBQ, served up burrito-style, or with Korean tacos on the side.

Aptly named ‘the City that Never Sleeps’, New York is ideal for night-owls and those who want to plug into some of the best nightlife on the planet. The East Village, Soho and Williamsburg offer some of the best bars in New York, from cool cocktail lounges and brew-and-a-shot style bars, to classy, rooftop wine-bars and atmospheric jazz venues. Soho’s Pegu Club is well worth a visit for it’s rapidly-growing collection of home-grown cocktails, while the Attaboy speakeasy is an upmarket watering-hole for a special night out.

With a diverse population, you can find food from almost any culture on Earth in the Big Apple. Whether you want authentic, Mexican tacos, authentic Italian pasta, delicate Japanese meals or exciting Chinese cuisine, New York has it all, and plenty more besides.