New York is best for...

American classics: Grab a slice of pizza, get your fork into a New York cheesecake or lather some cream cheese over a bagel

Sweet snacks: From the traditional doughnut to cupcakes, New York is the perfect holiday destination if you have a sweet tooth

A range of cuisines: New York is blessed with having many different restaurants, so you can delve into Mexican, Japanese, Italian and even more

Fast facts

Language: The language spoken in New York is English

Currency: The currency used in New York is the Dollar

Local time: New York is 5 hours behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: New York's main airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark International Airport

You can find almost any kind of cuisine in New York, whether you want to have dim sum or a genuine NY strip steak.

The city’s famous for being the birthplace of a number of dishes, with Baked Alaska being one of the most interesting. Made with sponge cake and ice cream coated in meringue, you can still enjoy the dessert at Delmonico’s, where it was invented back in 1876.

New York is renowned for its delis, but none are as celebrated as Katz’s Delicatessen. The popular institution was founded in 1888, and stays open late at the weekend.