Madrid Nightlife From Monday to Sunday

Madrid is famous for having a great nightlife scene any day of the week, so there’s always something going on to keep you busy on your trip.

If you like going to student nights then head to Independence Club on a Monday. It’s popular with both local and foreign students, and the dance floor really starts to hot up by 1am.

If you love playing beer-pong then head to Commo on a Tuesday and get involved with their tournament. It’s a great way to have lots of fun while getting to know some new people.

Classy nightlife options dominate Wednesday night. Although you can see flamenco dancing on any given night at Cardamomo, their best dancers hit the stage on Wednesday. Gabana 1800 is one of Madrid’s most exclusive nightspots, and has an open bar until 1:30am where you get sangria, beer and wine included in your entry price. Show up early if you want to avoid the queues.

The action in Madrid really heats up on Thursdays. Shoko is a great spot for electro music, and you can win free shots by kissing people at the bar when they play ‘Kiss’ by Prince. Go to ThunderCat Club for the jam session if you love watching live music, try Siroco for reggae, or New Garamond for great Latin beats.

There are countless great parties across Madrid on Fridays as locals flock to the city’s bars and clubs. If you’re looking for a gay-friendly option, try Stardust and its famous House Night.

Saturdays are also busy right around Madrid, and you can join the party by heading to Kapital. With DJs across seven floors playing styles ranging from reggae to hip-hop and dance, it’s perfect if you’re in a big group.

Sunday is more of a relaxed night in Madrid as locals get ready to go back to work. If you want to go out for the evening though, try El Junco for live jazz and blues music.