Madrid is best for...

Rooftop terraces: Visit the many rooftop bars, where you can spend time enjoying a drink or two in a relaxed atmosphere

Its live music scene: Listen to live jazz, blues, folk and flamenco in the bars, restaurants and outdoor venues throughout the capital

Late-night clubs: The clubs in Madrid start to get busy after 1am and often close at 6am, meaning you can dance the night away

Fast facts

Language: The language spoken in Madrid is Spanish

Currency: The currency used in Madrid is the Euro

Local time: Madrid is 1 hour behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: Madrid's main airport is Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport

From tapas bars where you can spend the whole evening sipping wine and having small bites to eat, to lively dance clubs that stay open until the early hours, there are lots of great nightspots across Madrid.

If you’re looking to party, then its the discobares or discotecas that you’re after. Discobares specialise in rock, top 40 and salsa music, get busy around 11pm and stay open until 3am. Discotecas meanwhile play dance, house, and techno music, usually open around 1am and stay open until sunrise.

If you want a more refined evening, then head to a bodega or a xampanyeria. Bodegas are wine bars, while xampanyerias specialise in champagne. Wherever you go, don’t head out too early as most people in Madrid don’t have dinner until 10pm. This means that tapas bars and all the other nightlife options will be quiet before then.