Madrid: A Food Lover’s Guide

Madrid is a wonderful city to visit if you consider yourself a bit of a foodie. With tapas bars galore and vibrant markets to complement them, there’s plenty for you to discover.

Start your love affair with Madrid’s food at popular Casa Lucio, where they serve local favourite huevos rotos. Comprised of fried potatoes, onions and chorizo sausage, the true magic of this dish is when a fried egg is placed on top. The yolk is then pierced, giving you a dish that’s literally oozing with tastiness.

Next, head to Mercado de Maravillas, the largest municipal market in Europe. You can find every kind of fruit, vegetable, animal and other foods produced in Spain here. Keep an eye out for ham from Extremadura, and paprika from La Vera. You can also browse plenty of imported speciality products as well, so be prepared to spend a good chunk of time at the market.

When lunch time rolls around, grab a bocadillo de calamares from a sandwich bar in Plaza Mayor. Made from squid that’s been breadcrumbed, deep-fried and placed between two slices of french bread, it’s often topped with tomatoes and drenched in garlic mayonnaise.

After you spend the rest of the afternoon exploring attractions like Madrid’s famous museums and art galleries, sit down and have some tapas at La Casa del Abuelo. Serving local customers since 1906, the painted windows and wooden barrels outside give this place an added charm. If you love seafood then order the flavourful gambas al ajillo (shrimp with garlic) or grilled prawns. It’s tasty bites like these that are the reason this place has been so popular for so many years.