Local Spanish Food You Must Eat in Madrid

One of the best things about visiting Madrid is that you can try food that’s been brought here from every corner of Spain. Many people have moved to Madrid over the years, bringing their own style of cooking with them.

If you find yourself here on a winter’s day, find a restaurant that serves cocido madrileño. A dish that traces its origins to Madrid, this stew is simmered slowly for hours, and its aromas often fill the streets of local neighbourhoods. Containing vegetables, chorizo sausage, pork and chickpeas, this hearty meal is a great companion for a chilly day in Madrid.

If you need a breakfast to help you recover from the night before, find a pub that serves huevos rotos. The fried potatoes, onions, and chorizo sausage will all cheer you up, especially as they come topped with an egg that has its yolk pierced. The Spanish word ‘rotos’ means broken, which is where the dish gets its name from.

When you’re feeling a bit daring, give oreja a la plancha (pig’s ear) a try. Cooked up in a pan with just a bit of salt, paprika and a squeeze of lemon, it’s a fatty treat that’s full of flavour.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, make sure you have a few churros while you’re in Madrid. A popular dessert where choux pastry’s fried in hot oil and then coated in sugar, buying a cone of these from a street vendor is a great way for you to end a night out in Madrid.