London on a Plate: Dishes You Must Try

There are some spots around London that serve up dishes you simply have to try. The salt beef bagels from Beigel Bake on Brick Lane are an institution. It’s been going since 1977, and you’ll know why after one bite. Moist beef, bagels made on-site, open 24 hours a day and great value. You’ll probably want more than just one.

Save a bit of space though, because just down the road you’ll find the range of curry houses that make up the rest of Brick Lane. This part of London’s Bangladeshi, and has its own take on curry. You can get the usual kormas and vindaloos, but ask your server for a tip if you’re after something a bit different. You might even be able to barter a free glass of wine at the door, as competition’s fierce between the restaurants.

If you’re coming to London you’ll need to have some mashed potato. Whether it’s pie and mash or bangers and mash, you can find them on most pub menus. If you want something special, head to Mother Mash in Leadenhall, Soho, or try the pick and mix gravy, bangers and mash deal that you can get at The Brownswood.

The full English breakfast is another British favourite, and always popular in London Town’s greasy spoons. Traditionally you get bacon, sausages, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding and toast, but if you’re lucky you might also get some chips and baked beans. You can have it at most cafés for a good price, but if you want to go upmarket, try one of the Breakfast Clubs in London, or the Hawksmoor in Knightsbridge.

There are also a few desserts you need to try while you’re in London. Make sure you have Eton mess, bread and butter pudding and sticky toffee pudding.