1. Visit the Las Vegas Strip

On your trip to Sin City, you’ll spend plenty of time on the Las Vegas strip exploring the attractions on this avenue, so grab your camera and prepare for an adventure like no other.

2. Neon Museum

Founded in the late nineties, the Neon Museum salvages and preserves Las Vegas signs from the 1930s onwards, capturing the magic of the city from times gone by.
Las_Vegas_KF_0420 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

4. Desert Dune Buggies

Go on an unforgettable adventure in the desert with a Las Vegas dune buggy tour. Drive your own buggy or ride with a guide as you twist, turn and bounce across the sands.

5. Cirque Du Soleil

With eight different shows playing to over 9,000 people every night, and everything from acrobatics to musicals, Cirque du Soleil is a must-see attraction on your trip to Sin City.

6. Caesars Palace

As you step through the extravagant Roman-style entrance of Caesars Palace, you’ll be greeted by staff dressed as centurions, marble statues at every turn and photo opportunities with Caesar himself.

There’s nowhere on the planet as bold, glitzy and outrageous as Las Vegas. With its luxurious hotels, famous casinos and glamorous shows, the Strip is full of life, while the desert beyond is dramatic and beautiful. Here are the sights you really shouldn’t miss on your trip to Las Vegas.