Visit the Salt Mines

Take a trip 20 minutes south of Krakow to the historic salt mines at Wieliczka and discover the magic of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you take the long walk down the steps into the mine, prepare to see an underground wonder that you’ll never forget.

Down in the mines, salt blocks have been carved to create incredible underground sculptures. As you go underground, you’ll explore 22 chambers as part of a guided tour, going 135 metres beneath the surface as you experience a world like nothing you’ve seen before.

As you walk through the salt mines with your expert guide, you’ll pass caverns, man-made statues and underground lakes before arriving at the highlight of the trip, the Chapel of St Kinga. In the church, everything from the altar to the chandeliers are made of salt, a labour of love by two men who spent 30 years removing 20,000 tonnes of rock salt before carefully carving out the features inside.

As your two hour tour comes to an end, spend some time at the Krakow Saltworks Museum before getting in the lift and going back up to the surface. There’s lots of walking on this tour, so remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring a jumper as it gets cold underground. To avoid the queues, try to arrive early in the morning.

For a different experience, visit the health resort at Wieliczka where special treatments, designed to help people with breathing problems caused by asthma, allergies and infections, are carried out in the unique microclimate of the salt mines.