Polish Vodka: The Best Places in Krakow

People from Krakow are known for their love of vodka and, as you’ll soon see, there’s no shortage of places serving the traditional Polish variety across the city.

Poland has been producing vodka since the eighth century, so the locals certainly know how to distinguish the petrol from the honey. Up until this point you may have thought vodka was all the same. In Poland it’s a delicacy, and you need to head to the right place to find the good stuff.

Wodka is a great place to start. Sitting just behind the St. Mary’s Church in the main square, it has a menu as long as your arm, despite the bar itself being quite small. Cherry, plum, hazelnut, you can sample the weird and wonderful flavours while admiring the slightly bizarre artwork.

No7 restaurant is another good spot if you want to combine your drinking with a meal. It’s classy on the inside and pretty on the outside, so you can pick your spot depending on whether it’s a tasting for two or a solo session.

If you’re travelling on a budget, Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa is ideal. It’s a straightforward little bar where you can try your vodka without fear of dress codes or pricey entrance fees. It tends to be packed no matter when you go but if you elbow your way to the bar you can get your shot along with a tasty snack.

Morela is a little on the fancy side, but it would be hard to find somewhere else that serves apple tart alongside your apple vodka. It’s modern and chic, it serves plenty of great vodkas.

When in Poland, do as the Polish do.