Authentic Polish Cuisine in Krakow

Poland has a strong foodie identity with a good array of amazing dishes. From potato pancakes to sheep’s cheese, borscht and pierogis, Krakow itself is packed with places to try the best of Polish cuisine.

Start at Starka. It’s traditionally decorated with reasonable prices, and if you fancy a local tipple, have a homemade vodka. Try the marinated pork neck and prunes wrapped in bacon for something really Polish, then finish off your meal with a slice of cheesecake.

Pierogis, the Polish take on a dumpling, are a staple in Krakow, and you can’t visit the city without trying them. Przypiecek Pierogi is a quaint little hide out with loads of pierogi fillings to try, like black pudding and plum, or cabbage and mushroom. It’s open 24 hrs and makes for a great snack at the end of the night.

Chlopskie Jadlo is all about hearty meals and easy eating. The name literally means ‘peasant kitchen’ and that earthy theme runs right through the restaurant. Transport yourself back to medieval times by squeezing around one of the bench tables and slurping on traditional sour soup from a bread bowl.

If you want a side dish of history with your meal, head to the Stylowa Restaurant and munch on your mushrooms or enjoy your veal escallops while learning about the country’s communist history. There’s a Lenin statue on the wall and as a firm favourite since the 1950s, the locals and staff will have some stories to tell.

Bombonierka, which means ‘box of chocolates’, is another great find. It offers all the staple Polish dishes, like beef rools and borscht, with a backdrop of painted Polish dancers on the walls and ‘ice cream fantasy’ for dessert.