Our guide to the city’s nightclubs

Beyoğlu is the hub for Istanbul nightlife and is where you’ll find many of the city’s top clubs. Babylon was one of Istanbul’s first live music venues and is still going strong. You can see a wide range of gigs, from Turkish music to reggae, rock, jazz and indie. During the week local bands and musicians take to the stage, with big international names at weekends. It’s an atmospheric venue with a friendly crowd and reasonable prices.

Indigo is the home of Istanbul’s electro scene. If you like house, techno and disco, then it’s the perfect place to dance the night away to the tunes of top DJs. The venue’s minimalistic, dress is casual and things don’t usually get going until around 1am.

Nearby Tektekci is a good place to start the party. It’s one of a new breed of shot bars and serves over 100 different shots. You can choose from sour, spicy, sweet and straight flavours, and they come served in everything from test tubes to balloons.

If you’re looking for glamour, you’ll find the city’s most luxurious clubs along the banks of the Bosphorus in Ortaköy. Reina is less a club and more a giant glitzy entertainment complex that holds 2,500 people. Start the evening with dinner at one of their five restaurants before the tables are packed away, the DJs crank up the music and it becomes one big dance floor. It’s popular with millionaires, and if you’re a serious high roller you can avoid the traffic by mooring your yacht right outside.

Anjelique has similarly gorgeous views across the water from a nightclub on the third floor of an old Ottoman mansion. It’s known for its cocktails, celebrity clientele and lavish interiors.