Istanbul is best for...

Traditional dishes: Try local cheeses, honeys and breads for breakfast and Turkish mezze, kebabs and mani in the evening

Street feasts: Many savoury and sweet dishes can be found for sale, from simit bagels to lokma dough balls

Food markets: Go to the busy Spice Market in Eminonu and the Kucuk Pazar stalls to sample and buy the fresh, local foods

Fast facts:

Language: The language spoken in Istanbul is Turkish

Currency: The currency used in Istanbul is the Turkish Lira

Local time: Istanbul is 2 hours behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: Istanbul's main airport is Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Where Europe meets Asia, Turkey has one of the world’s richest food histories. It dates back to the Ottomans who took the best of Greece, Central Asia, the Middle East and Balkans and made it their own. You’ll still find the classic dishes but new techniques and styles mean Turkish cuisine never stands still. Whether you’re eating fusion food on a smart rooftop terrace or filling up on kebabs at a street food stall, Istanbul certainly knows how to eat. It’s a city where you could quite easily fill an entire trip with nothing but non stop eating and drinking.