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Gibraltar City Break Deals

The British Rock of Gibraltar continues to grow as a top Mediterranean short break destination for UK travellers. Just 2.5 hours from home, its sterling currency guarantees that there will be no costly conversion rate and Gibraltar's VAT free status gives visitors an added incentive to visit the shops.  Gibraltar offers a calm and relaxed environment to enjoy either a weekend break or a chance to explore neighbouring Spain and Morocco just a short ferry ride across the Strait.

27 °C

Best time to visit: During August or September the weather is most comfortable and crowds have gone home.

2 hour 40 minutes

Gibraltar International Airport or North Front Airport (GIB or LXGB) is the civilian airport for Gibraltar.

The Rock is often characterised by its Barbary Macaques which roam freely in the Upper Rock area. Visitors can also visit the WWII tunnels and hear stories of where the servicemen assembled Spitfire aircraft during the war from inside the Rock. The Upper Rock Nature Reserve holds Gibraltar’s key treasures like the Moorish Castle, the City under Siege Exhibition and it is home to the Barbary macaques – Gibraltar’s best known residents. Nothing beats the majesty of St Michael’s Cave for its wonder and mythology. The Gorham’s Cave Complex is recognised as the last known home of Neanderthal man and carries UNESCO World Heritage status. A tour takes visitors by sea to the cave to view Neanderthal engravings on the cave walls. Exploring higher up on the Rock itself, try the Thrill Seekers Trail, which includes Skywalk with unimaginable views from the top of the Rock and the Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar’s first suspension bridge, 71 metres long and constructed over a 50 metre gorge.

Food is engrained into Gibraltarian life and culture. There are a wide variety of restaurants and bars on offer. Choose to wander along Gibraltar’s two marina districts Queensway Quay and Ocean Village both buzzing with outdoor life, or the Casemates Square district just off Main Street. This historic square holds much character from Gibraltar’s colonial past. Running parallel to Main Street is Irish Town that is well worth a visit with its historic coffee houses, specialist ironmongers, pubs and attractive restaurants. You can find most ethnic and international cuisines in Gibraltar, including Indian, Chinese, Thai, Argentinean, Moroccan, Kosher, Brazilian and European, such as British, French, Spanish and Italian. For a meal on the go, there are fast-food restaurants and conveniently located sandwich bars, plus plenty of ‘ye olde’ English pubs and pavement cafés.

Gibraltar welcomes millions of tourist every year and many of them will head to Main Street, the centre of Gibraltar’s commercial district and the scene of some of the best value from money shopping in the Mediterranean. Gibraltar has a history of shopkeepers and traders that dates back to the 1800s when the Rock flourished as a trading port boosted by its strategic, geographic location. Nowadays Gibraltar is a VAT-free jurisdiction so goods sold in Gibraltar offer the best value. Visitors to Main Street will recognise international high street brands and chains that sit alongside traditional local shops. Best buys include cosmetics and perfumery, jewellery, tobacco and spirits.

For sun lovers, Gibraltar has over 300 days a year of sunshine and is surrounded by boutique sized beaches which while popular with locals in summer still offer plenty of sunbathing into the early autumn months. Heading out from the marinas, dolphin watching is a popular activity over the Bay together with a range of sailing, jet-skiing and diving. 


Language: English is Gibraltar’s spoken language with many locals also speaking a local dialect called llanito a cross between Spanish and English

Currency: Gibraltar uses the Gibraltar Pound the equivalent of English Sterling. Some shops will accept Euros

Local Time: Gibraltar is one hour ahead of the UK

Fly to: Gibraltar International airport just 10 minutes into the town centre

Flight time: From London just over 2.5 hour


Over 300 days of sunshine, the climate of Gibraltar is Mediterranean/Subtropical with mild winters and warm summers. There are two main prevailing winds, an easterly one known as the Levante coming from the Sahara in Africa which brings humid weather and warmer sea currents and the other as Poniente which is westerly and brings fresher air and colder sea.


Gibraltar offers a full calendar of international events throughout the year, from the Calentita Food Festival in spring to the MTV Gibraltar Calling Music Festival to the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival. 

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