One Weekend in Berlin

Berlin has some strict door policies, so it’s best to prepare for what could be a good few hours queueing for the big clubs. But that’s all part of the fun when you want to visit the most famous techno clubs in the world.

Clubs like Tresor, ://about blank, Cookies and Picknick are among the most famous for a reason, with cool vibes, funky people and great music. Try to include one of the big clubs in your weekend itinerary, just so you can say you’ve really seen the best of Berlin’s nightlife.

You don’t have to go to Berlin’s best known clubs to have a good time though. The beer garden and park scene’s legendary, which is ideal if you’re on a budget. And of course, there are plenty of bars in Berlin to sample as many German beers as you can manage in a weekend.

Visit Kreuzberg by day and you’ll find yourself in hipster heaven. Think strong beards, twirling moustaches, fixie bikes everywhere and quirky fashion, a recipe for great people watching.

It’s perfectly normal to head out at around 2am to 3am in Berlin, and dance until the early hours. White Trash Fast Food is a good place for pre drinks. It feels like a British pub mixed with an American rock bar, and if you’re into rock music you might want to stay all night.

When the summer comes, days are for the parks, evenings for the beer gardens and nights for the many open-air clubs around the city.