Top Vegan Bars and Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is easily one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe, especially thanks to its multicultural restaurant scene and youthful population. Innovative chefs are always trying to appeal to a broader audience, so you’ll find lots of choice on just about every menu.

Many of Berlin’s vegan restaurants can be found in Prenzlauer Berg, the city’s hippest and most family-friendly neighbourhood. Lucky Leek and Chaostheorie Berlin are two of the most well known restaurants. Lucky Leek has been dubbed the best in the entire city, but you might find it’s a bit pricey.

Chaostheorie is renowned for its quirky vegan cocktails that you’ll love sipping on during the evening. Try the Chaoslimo, made with brandy and limes, and served in a screw top jar. The Smaragd is also worth a shot if you like cucumber, basil, and tonic, while KOPPS also has a vegan menu with cocktails, to go along with its swanky setting. Head there on a Saturday and Sunday for a tasty brunch with both hot and cold options, and a savoury and sweet breakfast.

DALUMA in Mitte is the place to go if you’re into raw vegan food, with bio-friendly fresh salads and a collection of tasty juices. Nearby is momos, which is famous for its homemade organic Nepalese vegan dumplings that come in a variety of yummy flavours and sauces.

If you’re in Berlin over August, then head to the Vegan-Vegetarian Summer Fest that takes place in the city centre at Alexanderplatz. Also, keep your eye out for the Green Market Berlin, an all-vegan market that usually happens once a season where you can indulge in delicious vegan foods like Russian pierogies and sweet, sugary donuts.