Berlin is best for...

Budget eats: Berlin is home to some great fast food joints, which serve everything from Currywurst to Vietnamese noodles

Comfort food: Indulge in homely foods, such as smoked pork chops, pork knuckles and calves' liver in traditional eateries

Hip Dining Head to Kreuzberg for its concept restaurants, top street food and family friendly dining

Fast Facts

Language: The language spoken in Berlin is German

Currency: The currency used in Berlin is the Euro

Local time: Berlin is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time

Fly to: Berlin's main airport is Berlin Tegel Airport

Only in recent years has Berlin become a popular foodie hub. Thanks to its incredibly diverse population, you can expect to find food here from just about every country in the world.

There are two foods that Berlin specialises in, currywurst, and the döner kebab. Currywurst is a type of sausage that you eat with lashings of curry ketchup sauce, while the döner is a Turkish meal of spiced meat, usually lamb, roasted on a spit and then added to toasted pita with toppings. Thanks to Berlin’s large Turkish population, you’ll find a kebab shop on just about every street corner.

With the wealth of German breweries, it’s very difficult to go thirsty in Berlin.