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Florence – Weather

If you’re looking to visit somewhere nice and hot, the summertime weather in Florence won’t disappoint. You can expect average highs of around 30ºC. Make sure you’re prepared, pack a bottle of sun lotion and your shades to enjoy all the beautiful culture and history this stunning city has to offer.

Alternatively, if you prefer things a little cooler, you can expect a mild winter. January’s the coldest time to go at an average of 7ºC, but you’ll still be able to go sightseeing if you pack wisely.

Florence, Perfect Weather for Those Who Enjoy the Heat

If you don’t mind the heat in the summer months, the weather in Florence will suit you down to the ground. We advise packing light and airy clothes, there’s plenty to explore in Florence so be sure to pack comfy sandals. We highly recommend taking a few items of clothing that cover your knees and shoulders (like a pashmina). Some of historic churches and monuments require you to dress modestly in order to enter.

If you long to get away from the British winter, then the weather in Florence will be a relief. Although it’s not as warm as places in the Mediterranean, it’s still milder than England. However, we advise packing warmer clothing and a lightweight jacket if you’re visiting during the chillier months.

Avoid November if you don’t like it wet, as this is when Florence sees the most rainfall. If you’ve already planned a trip for this time, pack a lightweight rain poncho and an umbrella.

Are you ready to find somewhere pleasant to stay in Florence? If so, check out our informative weather guide before you book your visit. Over there you’ll find the best of the Florence weather at any time of the year. It’s a fabulous resource for helping you plan and pack for your city break.