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Spring is a beautiful time to explore the city’s cultural attractions. The weather starts to warm up around April and temperatures have typically reached a balmy 18 (°C) by the end of the season. For the highest temperatures, come in summer or early autumn when you can enjoy highs of 31 (°C) and up to 13 hours of sunshine a day. Or experience the Christmas markets on a winter holiday in Florence, but remember to bring a jacket as temperatures typically hover around 7 (°C) throughout the season.

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History lovers: Immerse yourself in centuries of heritage packed into one place.

Foodies: Some say ice cream was invented here. Whatever the case, Florentines have perfected gelato!

Culture hounds: Step inside the many cathedrals and museums to gaze on seminal paintings and sculptures.


Language: The language spoken in Florence is Italian.

Currency: The currency used in Florence is the Euro (EUR).

Local time: Florence is one hour ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to: Florence Airport (FLR), also called Amerigo Vespucci Airport, is approximately 4 km northwest of the city centre.

Flight time from UK: 2 hours 15 mins.

Tourist information: Further Florence tourist information can be found at

Visa / health: Before your holiday to Florence, visit for recommendations and advice on visas and health.


By foot: The city centre is relatively small, and walking between tourist attractions is easy.
By bus: Give your feet a rest on electric buses and trams that link key places in the historical centre. Public buses also run frequently to nearby Fiesole and sport venues.
By taxi: White taxis can be found at taxi stands in many city squares and outside the train station. You can't hail a cab on the street, but you can request one in advance by phone.


Tuscan art, music and wine: Expect plenty of delicious cuisine and wine at the Tuscan Sun Festival, where the region's musicians, artists and chefs gather for one week in June.
16th-century football: Watch a match like no other in June, when Florentines compete in a Renaissance game combining football, rugby and wrestling in 16th-century costume.
Renaissance tradition: See Florence in a new light in September, as young and old take part in the Festival of Paper Lanterns with a parade through the streets and along the Arno.