Florence After Dark

Despite popular opinion, Florence isn’t just a seasonal city when it comes to partying. The city has good nightlife all year round, and its youthful population means there’s a fun atmosphere.

From cocktail bars to music pubs and raging nightclubs, there’s something happening every night of the week in Florence. Things don’t get started until late in Italy though, so keep this in mind if you’re planning a night out.

One of the best ways to enjoy the city is to find a table on the pavement outside a bar and order an aperitivo. It’s an Italian tradition to relax with a spirit before a meal and practice the art of dolce far niente (the sweetness of being idle). An aperitivo often comes with snacks, while you’ll probably see lots of people drinking a bright orange cocktail. This is an Aperol Spritz, and a must-try while you’re in Florence.

Since you’re in Tuscan wine country, make sure you take advantage of one of the many wine bars. Some offer tastings for a reasonable price, so you can learn about the way the wine’s made as you sample it. If you’re more of a beer lover, Florence surprisingly does have a fair number of craft brew pubs, although you may have to go further from the centre to find them.

Piazza delle Murate is the best place to go for outdoor live music, while in summer there’s even a beach near Piazza Poggli where you can gather with the locals for some late night fun.