The Top Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Florence

Although Florentine cuisine tends to lean towards meaty, heavy dishes, it’s actually not all that difficult to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Because so much of Florentine food relies on fresh produce, vegetarians especially have no problem finding quality meals.

One of the best ways to find veggie options is to simply show up at a market. Sant’Ambrogio has plenty of fruit and vegetable options, and usually vendors only sell what’s in season, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best quality produce possible. The Central Market at San Lorenzo tends to be the busiest market in town, but it does have a large vegetarian food market named Veg et Veg, where you can get taco bowls and burgers.

La Raccolta on Via Giacomo Leopardi may look like a health and organic food shop on the outside, but there’s also a fantastic restaurant at the back. They switch the menu daily.

Even if a restaurant isn’t specifically vegetarian, many have good options so you’re not just stuck with a bowl of spaghetti. Zeb Zuppa e Bollito offers vegetarian Tuscan food, including seasonal vegetable soups. Vivanda is another local favourite, with affordable prices and plenty of local organic wines. They also offer gluten-free dishes.

If you’re vegan head to Libreria Brac. They host a brunch every Sunday, and the bohemian atmosphere and creative veggie dishes makes for a lovely afternoon. There’s even an on-site bookstore. Cuculia is another creative vegan option, and like Libreria, is home to a bookshop. It’s also an excellent spot to grab a pre-dinner drink. Raw! is a raw vegan café near Santo Spirito piazza, and is worth visiting. As well as tasty sandwiches, you can have gelato made with coconut milk.