Authentic Tuscan Food in Florence

Traditional food in Florence is often referred to as ‘peasant food’ because it focuses on heavier dishes produced in large amounts to feed more people. Florence is one of the few places in Italy where street food is incredibly popular.

Two of the most common dishes are lampredotto and trippa, which are both made from cow’s stomach. The stomach’s cooked in water with tomato, onion, parsley, and celery. You’ll find food stalls selling these dishes all over the city.

Understandably, the idea of eating cow stomach may not be all that appetising, but don’t worry as there’s much more to Tuscan dining. Most meals start with an antipasto of cured meats, or a crostini spread with chicken liver pate. Soup is always on the menu in Tuscany, try ribollita (veggie and bread soup) or papa al pomodoro (tomato soup).

When it comes to pasta, tagliatelle al tartufo is the most common local dish, and for good reason. This tasty pasta is covered in truffle sauce, which is rare in most parts of the world but common in Tuscany. You can also find this topping with gnocchi too. Pasta with wild boar sauce is also common, or if you’re a meat lover, just order the boar by itself.

In Tuscany, a meal is almost always finished with classic cantuccini dipped in vin santo (sweet wine). These almond biscuits are an excellent way to finish off a good meal, but if you prefer something colder, try gelato al tartufo (gelato with truffle shavings on top).