The Bar Hopper’s Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great place to go bar hopping, and the city has everything from pubs with beer gardens to clubs packed with students.

If you’re here during the warmer months, start your evening off at the Peartree. This pub has an outdoor beer garden, which is a wonderful place to be when the sun’s shining. It’s popular with students from spring to autumn, and there’s a big screen that makes it perfect for watching major sporting events.

If the weather isn’t great, head over to the Sheep Heid Inn instead. Established in 1360, it’s the oldest pub in Scotland. It’s widely thought that Mary Queen of Scots was a regular here back in the 16th century, and the pub’s named after the sheep head snuff box that was given to the owner by her son. There’s even a bowling alley that you can hire, making it a great place for all the family.

Drop into Port O’Leith for an idea of what a night out at a traditional sailor’s pub is like. It might be tame on a weekday afternoon, but everything changes on Saturday night. There’s not much of a dance floor, so don’t be surprised to see people getting up on the bar for a boogie as the music blares out.

If you’d prefer a bit more space to shake your thing, then try Cabaret Voltaire. With DJs well known across Europe spinning the tunes, you can dance the night away to plenty of great house music.