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Dubrovnik – Weather

The weather in Dubrovnik is idyllic on a warm summer’s day. There’s nothing more magnificent than the light of the afternoon sun shimmering on the ocean beneath the city walls. If you want a holiday full of sunshine and clear skies, Dubrovnik during the summer is perfect, whether you’re chilling out by the pool with the kids or wandering around the city streets.

You can expect some pretty hot weather during the summer months as temperatures typically head towards 30ºC. Don’t forget to pack your sun cream and swimsuit because you’re bound to need them.

However, things tend to get chilly in the winter, when the city’s much quieter. Be sure to wrap up warm if you’re visiting for Christmas.

Make the most of Dubrovnik

If you’re aiming to catch the best of the Dubrovnik weather, July is both the hottest and driest month. The coldest time of year is typically January. During this month, the temperature averages 9°C, and it’s wetter than high summer. If you’re not a fan of the rain, we suggest avoiding a visit in November as this tends to be the wettest time to go.

Alternatively, if you love swimming in the ocean, the sea is at its warmest during August. On average, the water reaches a comfortable 25°C, perfect for snorkelling, diving, or trying out a new water sport.

Some of our favourite places to visit are Fort Lovrijenac, the Old Town, and Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola. These three sites aren’t to be missed if you love culture and history.

Are you ready to find the best place to stay, and what weather in Dubrovnik to expect on your holiday? Check out our informative weather guide. This highlights the best of the Dubrovnik weather at any given time of year, which is essential if you’re planning your dream holiday.