Walk the City Walls

Walk the ancient walls surrounding Dubrovnik to see incredible views of the city from up high. To start your walk, choose between three entrances, Pile Hate, St Ivan Fort or Ploce Gate – before climbing the stairs and beginning your tour.

Along the way you’ll come across ancient towers, including Minceta Tower and Upper Tower, while taking in the views of the Old Town below. Go past the old port before passing through St Ivan Fort, a 14th century building that’s now home to a museum, and walking up to Fort Bokar, a historic building that once served as an Austrian prison. Don’t miss Fort Revelin, a huge irregular shaped building on the eastern side of the walls.

Continue on your way, looking out for Fort Lovrijenac, a freestanding building that’s perched on a rock high above the city. Inside the walls, spot the markets, courtyards and traditional red roofs in the streets below, remembering to take plenty of pictures as you go.

The walls are high and reach up to 25 metres in places, so beware if you have a fear of heights. On the side that faces the sea, the walls are only 1.5 to three metres thick so you may need to walk in single file. Expect a lap of the walls to take around two hours, and remember to take plenty of water, a hat and sun cream with you.

After walking the city walls, go into the Old Town to wander through the narrow streets and recharge your batteries at a locally-run cafe.