Dubrovnik is best for...

Fresh seafood: Try octupus, black risotto, fried squid and fried fish that comes barbecued and drizzled with lemon and olive oil

Local wines: Sample the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Plavat which is produced in the Konavle vineyards

Rustic meals: Head to a taverna or a gostiona for a true Croatian dining experience

Fast facts

Language: The language spoken in Dubrovnik is Croatian

Currency: The currency used in Dubrovnik is the Kuna

Local time: Dubrovnik is 1 hour behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: Dubrovnik's main airport is Dubrovnik Airport

Croatia has a strong national identity, except when it comes to food. Instead of one national cuisine you’ll find lots of different regional ones. Each takes different ingredients and influences from Greece, Italy, Turkey and Hungary to create their own dishes. For the Dalmatian region around Dubrovnik it’s all about Mediterranean-style food. There’s plenty of fish and seafood as well as meat, fresh vegetables, herbs and lashings of olive oil. You’ll also find Italian-style pizzas and risottos from their neighbours across the Adriatic. And don’t forget the great local wines, which are one of the area’s best kept secrets.