One Weekend in Budapest

You can see a lot of Budapest in a weekend as long as you have a good plan. We recommend hiring a bike to get a good look around, as you can cover more ground in less time.

Cycle down to Margaret Island, which is in the middle of the Danube, and explore the grounds. There’s a water park, musical fountains, an open-air theatre and a water tower, so don’t forget to take your camera for some great pictures.

Head along the Danube’s banks as far as you can while you’ve got your bike, and make the most of the stunning bridges by criss-crossing the route. If you’re not keen on cycling, you can still get around easily using the traditional yellow trams, known as streetcars.

Heroes’ Square is home to some of the most important statues in Budapest, and is well worth a visit. On the way from the city centre you’ll pass the House of Terror, which you can visit to learn more about the way of life during the Soviet era.

Around two thirds of Hungarians are Roman Catholic and the St. Stephen’s Basilica in the centre of Budapest shows off the city’s strong faith. It’s one of the most incredible churches you’ll ever see, and contains the famous St. Stephen’s hand.

The baroque street views and neoclassical architecture are great for your photos, while there’s plenty of modern bars and cafés that mix well with the old European feel.