Dinner on the Danube

Make the most of the beautiful banks of the Danube by dedicating a night each to Buda and Pest. Choose a restaurant on the edge of Buda and you can admire the Hungarian Parliament and bright lights of Pest as the sun goes down. From the banks of Pest you’ll see Buda Castle and Gellert Hill, and you can see beautiful bridges from both sides.

In Buda try Belga Sorozo Brasserie, which serves a whole range of Belgian foods and beers, with a Hungarian twist. It’s also opposite the Parliament Building and in direct view of the streetcar route, so you can watch as they come and go with a meaty dish dripping in cheese.

Further up the Danube by Margaret Island you’ll find Rozmaring, a pretty restaurant serving huge portions of traditional Hungarian fare. It’s a magical spot for a romantic meal.

See how the Hungarians do Italian food at the ever popular Trattoria Toscana. It’s not far from the Elizabeth Bridge and right on the Danube’s Pest side, and you can take in the pretty views as you enjoy the taste of Tuscany.

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, try Spoon the Boat Restaurant. As the name suggests, it’s on a boat. A 75 metre long one. You’ll be right by the Chain Bridge in front of the Buda Castle, with great views of the Hungarian Parliament. You can dine on fancy Hungarian food, and choose from the irresistible dessert menu too.

Dunacorso Restaurant sits right on the banks of the Danube and is a beautiful spot on a summer’s day. The same family’s run it for the past 40 years, although the latest generation’s added a modern twist to the traditional recipes. Watch the musicians and entertainers light up the terrace as you slurp on some homemade ice cream.