A Night Out in Bruges

Bruges’ bars aren’t just about beer, you’ll also find great wine and cocktail spots. Vino Vino on Grauwwerkersstraat is a wine bar that mixes traditional Flemish style with a taste of Spain. The owner loves Spanish culture and you can taste it in the food, as they serve tasty tapas like chille con carne tacos and fried oysters with their wines.

If you love wine then Braambergstraat’s Wijnbar Est is another great choice. The friendly owner can talk you through the wine list to help you choose something you like as you listen to live jazz on Sundays.

If you enjoy sipping on a delicious cocktail then head to Groot Vlaenderen on Vlamingstraat. It’s an elegant bar with a great range of cocktails and gins. If you can’t find anything you like on the menu then the bartenders can whip up something special for you. ’T Zwart Huis on Kuipersstraat 23 is another good choice for cocktails. It’s set in a historic building from the 15th century that has a cocktail bar on the ground floor and a tapas restaurant upstairs. There’s a Latin feel and live jazz and blues some nights.

For classical music the Concertgebouw is Bruges’ best known venue. Its huge modern building, covered in terracotta tiles, is a real contrast to the rest of Bruges, and you’ll find a music and arts centre when you step inside. You can see performances of music by classic composers and modern pieces as well as dance shows. There’s also the Concertgebouwcafé for a drink before or after the show.

If you’re looking for something a bit quirkier, then try Retsin’s Lucifernum on Twijnstraat. If you’re in Bruges on a Sunday evening then knock on Retsin’s door. If he likes the look of you, for ten euros you can come inside and look around his bizarre house. It’s overflowing with paintings, sculptures, antiques and creepy curios. After exploring you can head to the garden for Latin music and a strong rum cocktail with the man himself.