Bruges is best for...

Chocolate shops: With a museum and over 50 shops dedicated to chocolate, Bruges is the perfect holiday for sweet lovers

Stew and beer: Head to family-run restaurants for a hearty portion of Flemish stew washed down with some local beer

Cheap eats: There is nothing quite like enjoying the Belgian treat of frites with mayonnaise on a walk through the city

Fast facts

Language: The languages spoken in Bruges are Flemish and French

Currency: The currency used in Bruges is the Euro

Local time: Bruges is 1 hour behind GMT/UK time

Fly to: Bruges' main airport is Ostend–Bruges International Airport

When you think of Belgian cuisine, the first things that come to mind are probably waffles, fries, beer and chocolate. You’ll have no problem finding thick fluffy waffles drenched in cream or a cone of crispy double-cooked fries with mayonnaise in Bruges. But the city also does Belgian cooking with style, and has a growing reputation for its food. You’ll find everything from traditional dishes like moules et frites (mussels cooked with onions and celery and served with fries) and carbonade flamande (a beef and beer stew), to elaborate Michelin-starred dining.