Barcelona Cathedral

Pay a visit to Barcelona Cathedral and discover one of the city’s most striking historic buildings. Located on Pla de la Seu in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, the cathedral’s beautiful both inside and out. When you arrive in the square, spend some time taking pictures of the ornate exterior, which was added to the 11th century building in 1890, before stepping through the entrance to explore inside.

When you go through the doors of the cathedral, you’ll be drawn to the ceilings, which reach an impressive 25 metres in height, are propped up by slim pillars and glow with golden natural light. Look out for the crucifix of Sant Crist de Lepant, the wooden coffins of Cont Berenguer and his wife, and the ornate choir stalls. From the main altar, walk down the staircase to see the tomb of Santa Eulàlia, the patron saint of Barcelona.

Take the elevator to the roof of the cathedral for beautiful views of the Gothic Quarter and beyond, before coming back down and making your way to the Cloister. Once there, you’ll see gardens, fountains and small chapels which have been guarded by geese since medieval times. From there, make your way to the museum.

If you’re visiting on a weekend, look out for the traditional Catalan circle dance known as the ‘Sardana’, which attracts people of all ages on Saturday at 6.30pm and Sunday at midday. At night time, the outside of the church is dramatically lit up, making it a must-see for an evening visit to the Gothic Quarter.